New Photography Page

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Just in case you didn’t already know – I have started a facebook page specifically for my photography. I resisted for a while, but I think it is time. I will try to add a new image daily and keep it interesting for you all. If you see an image you would like as a print, please email me and we’ll work it out.


Here is the page 



Gina’s Story – The Manatee Explorer

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For the last six weeks or so I have been captivated by a manatee named Gina. She showed up under a dock on my home Island on January 27, 2014. She is a Florida manatee that moved to the Bahamas in 1999 and spent 14 years in the Berry Islands. To everyone’s surprise she moved to Harbour Island. Scientists came and put a tracking tag on her a couple of weeks later. It has been very interesting to see her off-shore explorations ¬†and how she returns to our harbour. For more on the story of Gina and to see some of the satellite tracking data make sure to visit the Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organizations website.

Gina the Manatee

Gina the manatee being tagged in the Bahamas.

National Geographic 2013 Photo Contest

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Usually when you enter a photography competition you have no idea how well you placed unless you win. When I entered and didn’t place in the National Geographic 2013 Photo Contest I had no idea if any of my images made it past the first round. So, I was very interested in this video which gives us a small glimpse into their judging process. By sheer luck I see they are discussing my whale tail photo. It sounds as if, maybe, just maybe, it was close to being in the top five. Either way, I wish we got to see into the judging process like this more often. Here is the video, followed by the image itself:


Sperm Whale Tail

As if to say goodbye, the last sperm whale of the expedition descends into the depths.

Protected: The Beauty, The Challenge of Photographing Baby Lemon Sharks

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Eleuthera Macro Life

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The Bahamas is famous for it’s wide angle underwater life, especially sharks, but there are many cool little critters that deserve some attention. From Arrow crabs and shrimps to sea horses and nudibranchs there are plenty of reasons to move slow and look around for some macro life. Here is a small sample of Bahamian ocean life on the smaller side.

Small transparent fish on brain coral


Pederson Shrimp


Striped Burrfish in seagrass bed


Arrow crab in the Caribbean


Seahorse off Eleuthera Island, Bahamas


Spotted Cleaner Shrimp in Sea Anenome


Royal Grandma or Fairy Basslet in the Bahamas


Nudibranch in the Bahamas


A small goby on brain coral