Upcoming Blue and Mako Sharks – “Totally Crispy”

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So totally stoked.

I can’t believe the stellarness of what I’m about to share with you. The deep waters off Rhode Island are the part time cribs of blue and mako sharks, and for a very brief time, ME. These are open water pelagic sharks, aka the crispiest of all the crispy fishes. What puts this over the top of gnarlyness is these are two 10-gilled fish I’ve never said “what up, bro” to. If it were any cooler you’d have to put me in the oven (literally).

The goal: to be humbled by the grace and sheer awesomeness of these finned beauties. The challenge: capture that in pixels. Mako’s are the most rippin fast sharks in the whole of the uber-blue of life. I hear they come in fast and french-kiss your glass. Someone once tried to convince me they have two tongues. They do not, but I will confirm.

It makes this dude turn my frown not-upside down, however, that these sharks are considered tasty treats and fun game-fish. That is why I’m starting a siiiick program to introduce mako sharks to rad video games. Perhaps if they weren’t so fast, agile and jumpy, the target logo would peel off their backs. Sounds sure-fire to ME. I’m just waiting on an X-Box sponsorship request I submitted.

In the mean time I will dream about the day I will get to swan-dive, snorkel-mouthed, into their world.

So put me in the oven…I am so totally stoked!

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