Fin Free Regina SHARKWATER Screening

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Fin Free Regina believes the film SHAKRWATER has the power to educate people on the problem of shark finning and, perhaps more importantly, shatter the myth that sharks are monsters. Fin Free Regina recently had a free screening of the film where patrons enjoyed the film and the company of sharky people and began a dialogue about Regina and its impact on our ocean.

Sharkwater screeing room


Watching Sharkwater

Avril Biggin

Avril Biggin discusses Sharks

Sharks make people smile

signing a petition

Shark Fin Free Petition

Reading about shark finning

Fin Free Regina shirts, information on Shark finning, petitions, sharkwater

Prizes, petitions and shark fin info


sharky winners

Winners of the nights raffle

We encourage you to Like the Fin Free Regina Facebook page and watch for some very exciting upcoming events. We would love your support, and so would the sharks! Also, check out United Conservationists and the great work they are doing to help our sharks.

2 Responses to Fin Free Regina SHARKWATER Screening

  1. George Gross says:

    I fully support this effort….best of luck!!!!

  2. Danny says:

    I so badly want to wear one of those shirts, but I am afraid my own Finn would take it personally;) Perhaps you have a sponser “schnauzer.”
    Keep up the great work Shane!