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Fish Envenomation

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By the time I had finally made it shore the pain was intense and walking was no longer an option so i crawled up the beach, army style Continue reading

The Whale Sharks of Ningaloo

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Ningaloo reef is the Great Barrier Reefs’ smaller, prettier sister. While the Great Barrier Reef covers much of the northern east coast of Australia, Ningaloo covers a relatively small area of the west coast. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a huge reef covering about 5000 square kilometres. The best part? You can visit it from shore. In coral bay you can swim in lush coral gardens 50 feet from the beach. Turtles and rays are spotted on almost every snorkel, its perfect for children. Stay out long enough and you’ll surely encounter some sharks.

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Byron Bay – A Shark Lovers Paradise

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Species seen: Sand Tiger, Bull, Zebra, Wobbegong, Blind, (sometimes Great Whites, Makos and Tigers are seen as well) Byron Bay on the East Coast of Australia is one of those magical places for those who love nature, and who love … Continue reading